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A poem for the times: and one night, all that was burning

And you may ask yourself: 
where are the honey bees?
and the kopiko with their tired little faces?
and why so many hurricanes on steroids
and melting icebergs
pulling apart our worlds,
and pushing them together—and—
tear gas, fire hoses, blasting at liberty and justice
and peaceful protesters
Well. I'll tell you everything. But first—
I lived in the green rolling hills
above Honolulu
and high schools and churches and parks From there you could see 
Diamond Head
And for miles on trade-wind days
a sea of smooth sapphire
Our house was named Nu'umealani
the heavenly terrace, because it floated over paradise
with plumeria-scented air
a charming place with pink-cheeked children
rolling like chubby ohi'a'ai down manicured slopes
Do you recall
at night, how the lights silhouetted
green geckoes munching pale-winged termites
our lanai under which
the summer glow spilled down the hill like a suicidal angel

Later our breath became steam spiriting the sky
sated, we huddled together on that apron of emerald la…

Interview by Claudia Quint

A huge thank you to Claudia Quint for interviewing the After the Happily Ever After contributors! 
Here is my interview:-sati-chock-tames-a-very-different-beast